Learning Expeditions 


A powerful new way of learning through exploration, experimentation and reflections.

A Learning expedition (LEX) is an immersive experience undertaken by a group of professionals outside of their comfort zone for discovery, inspiration, learning, actionable knowledge, research and network.

It is for Executives and/or Professionals eager to deepen their experience in key sectors, discover state-of-the-art innovations, interact with renown local experts leading to solving company-wide problems, enriching their ideas and ultimately enhancing participants and their organization for explosive growth.


 Discover innovative new technologies, business models and environments.


Practice intentional experimentation through guided sessions to acquire new competencies and reshape your mindscape.


Start thinking outside the box as you visit new environments.

Why choose us?

NEXSTEP is a leading advanced experiential learning organization based in Asia, committed to empowering (future) leaders and organizations to reach their full potential through transformative and customized learning experiences abroad. With over 2,000 alumni, 450 corporate and 30 institutional partners since 2008, we have experience creating result-oriented innovative and transformative programs.
We have an incredible network of change-makers, futurists, reseachers, experts  and entrepreneurs who are shaping the future. We also take care of all-back end arrangements such as accommodations, visa, insurance, transportation and meals to ensure a safe and productive Learning Expedition Experience.

Learning Expeditions Ideas

#1 Big Data & Advanced Analytics

A unique and complete program to help you master the new management imperatives of a digital world. The program will give the insight that the new digital approaches must not be limited to the purchase of technologies and the hoarding of massive data sets. 

The program is taught in association with Stanford University and the University of Berkeley. This program also includes the visit to Silicon Valley iconic corporate campuses, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Who is this program for? Executives, Managers and governments officials

#2 Smart Factory  or Factory 4.0

A specialized, but insightful program observing the smart factory technology in Eastern China. The program will help you understand how to implement industry 4.0 to make your factory smarter.

The program main focus is on visiting factories in Eastern China that have employed smart technology into their production line. Some the locations the program will take you to are Borch Machinery, a factory that create a system that monitor customer’s site and correspond with their production line, and Advantech, a global manufacturer of industrial displays, controllers, and other electronic components; these are just a few examples.

Who is this for? Factory Owners, Supply Chain Management executives, Managers, Government officials

#3 Smart City  & Smart Mobility

A highly engaging and insightful program that help you understand what is a 'Smart City'. The program will show you how the city has become a smart city through the help of both the public and the private sector.

The program focuses on discussion, workshop sessions and interactive experiences with the public and private sector to help you experience a 'Smart City'. 
Who is this for? Executives, Managers, and Government Officials.

#4 Corporate Governance

Explore the complex mechanism of Corporate Governance in Asia. 

Often regarded as a major risk for investors, corporate governance standards in Asia relies on a mix of traditional, cultural, social and legal aspects, with a schematic border between family businesses (whatever the side) and listed companies.

#5 Phygital: Experiences with retail Customer Experience. Digital innovations and new retail.  

Come and Explore virtually-driven brick and mortar stores automatically checking-in customers either using artificial intelligence and facial recognition, or by digital identification via IoT . With the e-commerce boom, there is a crucial need for complementarity between physical stores and the virtual world of e-commerce and digital technology.

#6 We help you design your LEX 

Cannot exactly find the program you are looking for? We can develop a unique learning expedition program that aligned with your vision and specific outcomes for your team and businesses.

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